I swim. I have swum. Today I went to Toogoom and, as I did at this time last year, pranced about in the shallows sticking my toes in like a total pussycat. Everyone else was in – but it took me a good ten minutes to ease myself over my knees…then I just waited until I felt the urge to dive – and dive I did! Beautiful water! Satin and salty, with a tugging tide. I stayed in for a good 45 minutes and then ran on to the beach and up to the freshwater shower to douse off the salt. Topped it off by a beer in the Humber on the way home…I felt very good about living nearby – I can go there almost whenever I want!

We are anxious to find out where the best place to watch the Grand Final tomorrow. It’s the one AFL game that I make a big effort to watch every year – mostly I get some special sausages from Vic. Market and either cook them up at home or take them to a bbq. Last year we went to someone’s place where they were house sitting and got so inspired by the game that we went and played footy straight afterwards in the park and I almost broke my nose via a well placed Sherrin. No matter. Tomorrow I am a Victorian supporting the Pies in honour of my friend Jock – I definitely have not been here long enough barrick for Brisbane. So…we’ll probably be lynched if we go to a pub to watch the match, but one would think that there enough refugees from the Melbourne weather up here to keep us safe. I’ll keep you posted!