Master of the Universe

M is going to refer to me all day as ‘Master’ as I have just got a letter in the post confirming that I have just earned myself a Master of Arts – Writing. Yee-ha! Yes, OK, the course was crap, completely disorganised and they exempted me from quite a few subjects, but the point (as I keep fruitlessly pointing out to a cynical M) is that I achieved my two major aims;
1) to get my masters degree;
2) to get the first large chunk of my crime novel written.
So anyway, I’m feeling quite happy. I’m glad it’s over – considering that I finished the last requirements in February. Apparently I’m the first person to graduate from the course ever! Hooray for me! Now…if I could only think of a Phd. topic I could keep studying forever – I’m already in hock to the government to the tune of about 13 thousand dollars, so what’s another ten grand or so between me and someone I didn’t vote for?

I am convinced that after yesterdays efforts I am going to end up looking like a yabby – i.e have one arm way more muscly than the other. I painted three doors twice. I have now snuck inside and am sanding and then painting all the bits around the skirting boards where the paint has been damaged when they got put in. It’s never-bloody-ending – we leave tomorrow to hit Brisbane to meet up with our friends from Melbourne (proud owners of Sonic the Cat) who we are going to drive back up to Hervey Bay, whereupon they will be the first visitors to the house. Yike. I think we’ll have a working toilet by then, but for showers, I think we shall be relying on M’s much put-upon mother (who did, after all, offer).

There is much excitement today also because M has a new friend. A bat. Which he, in his innocence, has named Elmore. It’s hanging upside down (as they do) in the tree above the water tank. All alone, with no other apparent bat friends – it wrapped itself up in it’s wings earlier and now looks like it’s wearing an S & M wetsuit – it is completely unmoved by M’s frantic overtures at friendship. So far he has thrown the bits of one mandarine and one apple up on the water tank, to no avail. I’ve got to get myself some batwings, obviously.


Lazy Susan


Aloha Brisbane Au Revoir


  1. hey! i tink ur blog design and contents is pretty amazing…by a twist of fate, i stumbled upon urs when searching for Danny Katz’s blog…but no need to feel jealous (ha!), i love ur blog. and am gonna link u…keep writing on tat novel gal! i wish i had the same oppt..

  2. Ooh! Thank you!
    I love Danny Katz, I’m going to look for his blog right now…

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