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Actually Am Still Alive

There have been rumours of my demise, which I am happy to quash. I am inhabiting planet Earth – just in a state heightened by turpentine fumes. It is 28 degrees up here today – the weather is amazing, but it is scaring me because it is only just Spring! Imagine what Summer is going to be like! *grimace* May have to lease out house to holidayers and escape down south. Just a thought. Am still painting skirting boards, though M has taken over the bulk of them, probably because of his opinion of my painting skills (yeah, so I painted a roomfull of skirting boards blue, forgetting that a few of them actually needed to be cream…banana cream to be exact). D’oh.

Met one of the neighbours earlier. One of the couple who’s main occupation seems to be screaming at their five kids. Not to mention their dog, which killed their pig….and a chicken…. etc. The woman seems quite nice, it’s just the man that I could happily kneecap, but am having more practical fantasies (as I don’t think I have the means or the method to kneecap someone) such as recording him screaming vile abuse and sending it to relevant authorities…or to something crap like A Current Affair (who would probably leap at it drooling).

The other thing is – I am being submerged by spam. I didn’t check my email for six days (which is some kind of record) and I had at least 350 spam mails begging me to; buy prescription medication online, enjoy the benefits of Viagra, give up my day job, develop a larger penis, get a better mortgage…etc. I put it down to having my email address on the bloody Crime Factory site. I think, that after five years or so, I am actually going to have to change my email address and just confess myself beaten :o( I use Mailwasher religiously, but it’s beginning to take up too much time, going through all my email and deleting the spam stuff. Woe is moi.


Not Dead, Still Painting


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  1. may i humbly suggest S.A. proxy? though it eats up a bit of memory, and eventully (in a long time) it becomes a bit bulky, you’ll prolly never get a spam message in your inbox again (providing you’re using some sort of program to handle it all).

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