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Eyebag Nation

One late(ish) night in a smoky hard-rockin’ band practice room and I am rendered into boneless chicken status. *sigh* So what that I didn’t get to bed until 1am in my latest abode – where has my stamina gone? I think my new shorter hair makes things like eyebags more pronounced as there is less hair for me to hide behind. Too bad I didn’t consider that issue as I was ranting at the hairdresser ‘CUT IT OFF, ALL OF IT! OFF OFF OFF’. I wasn’t feeling wholly practical at the time. I inhabit Eyebag Nation. I am the President.

So guess who got Single of the Week in Beat Magazine? Huh? We did! :o) The rival publication – InPress – didn’t even rate us on their radar – our gig was listed and that’s it. I could rant as this is a fave topic of mine, but I won’t. Actually…just a tiny one? I’ll put it down the bottom so you don’t have to bother with it…

Besides my preoccupation with band stuff I have changed abodes. Dave and Ellise kicked me out of their house the other day when they found out that it was me, and not their cat, who pulled apart a whole box of tissues and frolicked in them on the loungeroom floor. In retaliation I borrowed Dave’s phone charger and now can use it as a bargaining tool to ensure the safe return of all my computer backup cds. Mwah ha ha ha ha. Actually, it wasn’t me with the kleenex obsession, it was Sonic. So now I’m at Mung’s house where I housesat so long ago and I am so in awe. They are the only people who, when stray transients like myself turn up, have a spare room all set up and ready to go! Amazing! Spare rooms, in my experience (not like I’ve ever had one) are where the junk goes. Not this time! This one is all neat with a towel on the bed and Rach even made me a hot water-bottle. I feel very spoilt. And glad.

No news on the stolen laptop front. Have been trying to hunt down the evil robber to no avail. Feel compelled to call police and ask for contact details for the company that the robber stole them from – and then *smirks* I will call them and try and do some kind of deal. Why would they want my laptop back? It’s probably only worth about $1200 at this point and it is travel-worn. That will be my line of reasoning, anyway. gah.

I would have to suggest that Richard Moffat – he with the finger in rather a lot of musical/venue/media pies doesn’t really give a toss about music that isn’t
1) by someone he’s somehow connected to,
2) imbued with hip hop, minimalism, or a cool Fitzroy vibe,
3) isn’t going to be playing at the Corner Hotel.
Richard, if his existence has passed you by, presents the Incoming show on RRR-FM on Wednesday afternoons, prior to that he was booking the Corner/Punters Club and during all of this he runs his own record label and plays in his own bands. Anyway, my gripe is that it’s all too easy with little empire builders like himself around for people who don’t cut it on the cool-o-meter to get NO RADIO COVERAGE FOR THEIR CD LAUNCH. There. I said it. Surely it’s not too much of an ask to play one track from our CD? It’s not even that bad. Maybe because we’re not pumping advertising dollars into RRR-FM, and maybe because we don’t sound;
a) like a hip hop crew with suburban cred, or
b) like a mournful, semi-instrumental, sparse snore-core outfit
we got no airtime from Mr Moffat. Goddamnit, RRR-FM funded our recording!! Surely it would be in their interest to show how ace they are and give it a bit of a spin…huh?! This is one of the things that I do not miss about Melbourne. Needless infuriation – I don’t need it, I’ve got some sun to sit in.

Public radio, despite my ranting, is still worthwhile supporting as it does offer an alternative to scary commercial stations.


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  1. David

    Not happy Jan!

    Do you know what it means when you steal the phone battery charger of an IT support person working for an operational federal department (that includes support for systems providing critical real time data for our national airports – have you ever seen what happens when an passenger plane gets caught in an updraft on landing or takeoff…..not pretty).

    Especially when it happens that the phone that normally lives in happy co-existence with its little charger friend happens to run out of steam.

    And what do you mean holding it for ransom…….I dont even have the backup CD‘s you goofball……and if I do (which I dont think I do) it is because you left them at our place?????

    And why am I supposed to have to find this information out by reading your blog…..when you take something hostage you are supposed to make an anonymous phonecall or at least leave a message…..not write it in your blog so that the person who has had their stuff stolen searches round the house for hours cussing and spitting and saying “Surely Beth wouldn’t take it, she’s too nice, and even if she did surely she would leave a note saying :

    “I know I have screwed you but I am so hopelessly dependant and devoted to my mobile phone (which will never be used to call me in the middle of the night (when there is a massive storm and the Sydney to Hobart yacht fleet are heading straight into it) by some hysterical meteorologist screaming “The servers gone down and I am a teapot”) that I couldn’t live without it for one second and the thought that Mung and Rachel may not have a phone charger was just too much to bear, thus you have to bend over and (to quote a couple of giggling girls) “take it all bitch”.”

    Does your dad realise what kind a person you have become? I am sure if he was aware of your actions as you left our apartment on Wednesday night he would have been mortified. You have made him an accomplice to your crime. I am sure the authorities will be most interested in speaking to him when they catch up……

    On a further note….what has happened to you since you moved to Queensland? You have come back to Melbourne and gone on a veritable crime spree. I witnessed your actions at Flinders Street Station and now this….and these are only the things I am aware of or have been effected by. I should probably contact Mung and tell him to nail down anything that moves. For God’s sake, leave the pending family alone!!

    Perhaps this is research for something to do with your crime fiction passion or perhaps it is something more sinister….whatever it is you need to be stopped.

    Obviously the Fitzgerald Enquiry hasn’t stamped out all corruption in Queensland…….

  2. My mother’s name is Jan.
    I would like to make everyone who reads this aware that 20 minutes after posting his rant, Dave had his charger back in his hot little mouse shaped hands…
    Yes. I was bad.

  3. hippy gruff

    “like a mournful, semi-instrumental, sparse snore-core outfit ”

    hear hear for commenting on the glut of music like this around at the moment beth !

    having said that have you heard the new mogwai album ? it’s great !

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