Sonic The Cat

Sonic in the morning

Sonic is Ellise’s cat and I am her total fan. She is a freaky little black streak! Last night when I got here, she hung out with me, and this morning she gave me lots of photo opportunities and at present she is sleeping on my foot.

Upside down in the basket, sitting properly, and...on the way out.

Oh, I and I’m glad I decided to leave late this morning. After Sonic had finished going basket-crazy she began playing with an almond that she’d found and it got wedged across the roof of her mouth! Poor thing…I was very glad that I was here to rescue her or she might have hurt herself by clawing it out.


A Friend In Need


The Friday Five 014

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  1. trevor

    kind of a wierd reply, i had a black cat named sonic to. but we just had to put him down today… 12 yrs later. wasnt expectin to find anything on the internet about a black cat named sonic but here you are

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