Belt Up

I forgot to mention that I also got given a belt by a guy at a garage sale a couple of streets away. It’s a scout belt and it says ‘Be Prepared’ (although you can’t read it in the picture). OK. That’s it, I can prevaricate no longer. Today is my stupid weather report deadline and I must away….

Be Prepared!




The Friday Five 013


  1. It really says that? It looks so very much like the belt I had when I was a member of Harcerze, the Polish scout organization. I remember the Eastern German kids having the motto:”Seid bereit! Immer Bereit!”
    (Be prepared!, Always prepared.) Right on!

  2. Those Eastern German kids must be extra-organised if thier belts entreated them not only to ‘Be Prepared’ but to also be ‘Always Prepared!’
    Ah. I do think of Germans as being super-organised in a stereotypical, generalising sort of way. I’m waiting to see if my new belt motto impacts upon my life….

  3. i had that belt all through high school and thought i was *so* cool in it (“be prepared”, nudge nudge)

  4. Heh. I actually wore one of these a lot, though they might’ve phased them out in the last uniform revamp.

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