Met my friend Lorraine and her husband for a hot chocolate today! The first person I’ve met up with here who isn’t a relative of M’s. Huzzah!! It was great to see a familiar face – though it does sound like I’m cranking out the cliches. They were just passing through Hervey Bay on their way up to Hinchinbrook…half their luck!

Still more paint dramas, but to temper my whinging, here is a paint success….

This is going to be my study...eventually. Yay for the blue!

Oh, another thing I forgot to mention…my laptop…the light of my life, key of my existence…I have been contacted by the boys in blue. My laptop is hot. ARGH!! OK, so I bought it on ebay, but still…I’ve had it for almost a year and they just decide to sting the guy that sold it to me now? I have no idea of my legal standing but I’m going to scream loudly about giving it up. I’ve been instructed not to get rid of it as that will make me an accessory to passing on stolen goods…blahdee blah blah blah. Bugger.


Sound for Survival


Flying Down to Rio


  1. What? You got stolen goods from EBay?

    Are they really going to take it away from you? What are you supposed to do then??

  2. :o(
    They said that I would be reimbursed the $1700 that it cost me ‘through the courts’!? I think I’m going to explain, in words that are easy to understand, that I *cannot* be without a computer and will not give mine up until I’m reimbursed or given an equivalent. Despite the amount of crime novels I read I am a novice at heavying the police….any hints would be wildly appreciated!!

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