Guess who the cd players favourite artist is? Yep. Dusty Springfield. Hee hee.

An interesting thing. Good driving music is also good painting music! Maybe this is widely acknowledged, but it has definitely passed me by until now. It’s probably also to do with the sad fact that the only cds I have at present are the ones I picked up for my car trip up here (my cd player bit the dust after serving me valiantly for the past nine years and I was doomed to singing myself north when the radio reception dropped out). So we have on the Painting Playlist albums from Brassy, Liz Phair, White Stripes, Ivy, Wilco, Fountains of Wayne, Spiderbait, The Spinnanes, Secret CD…however, the CD player is very picky about what it will and won’t play – it will only play Wilco if I turn the whole unit upside down, and it refuses to play Fountains of Wayne at all, ever.

Oh. On the topic of music. It was very kindly pointed out to me (in reference to a prior post) that I should subscribe myself to The Wedding Present/Cinerama mailing list. I did. It’s here. Did I mention my boss being away all of the month of May? When he got back, he casually mentioned to me; ‘I saw a band in Berlin.’
‘Oh,’ says Beth, thinking that he’s going to mention some ultimately boring, MOR, seventies reformation atrocity, ‘Who?’
Boss looks vague (not difficult for a professor). ‘Um. Whites? White something…’
Beth chokes.
‘Not the White Stripes??
Boss is beatific. ‘Yes!! That’s them! That’s who I saw! I thought they were just the support band.’
Beth can’t help herself. ‘They were wasted on you!! Wasted!!! You saw the White Stripes. In Berlin. And you have no idea of the significance. Humph.”
Boss looks smug. Instant cred.