‘We are young, we are free, with our teeth, nice and clean,
See our friends, see the sights, feel alright!’
– Supergrass

Let me just break down the above into my current state of mind.

‘We are young…’
OK – we are young. Compared to most of the people in Hervey Bay – we’re barely born.

‘We are free.’
OK. More so than we were.

‘With our teeth, nice and clean.’
Our teeth, I have to say, are not as clean as they could be. This is something that happens when you’re only access to running water is outside the house in the carport.

‘See our friends….’
This is where the problem lies, I will expand on this in a moment.

‘See the sights…’
Well, no. We’re renovating.

‘Feel alright.’
Feeling actually OK, except for missing friends…..

I suppose this has all come on because we’ve just gone out AT NIGHT for the first time since we’ve got here. M’s sister and brother-in-law threw a BBQ for their neighbours and we were invited…well, not invited exactly…it was just assumed we would be in attendance. So of course, we were. One set of their neighbours have only been in residence for as long as we have… The female half of the couple was quite nice to talk to, though I did have a hidden fear that she was about to turn around and display some bizarre racist personality disorder. It didn’t happen, but my suspicion was there. Her other half, on the other hand, was just a scary guy…full of talk about guns…killing animals, tasteful things like that… I endeavoured to avoid him. Successfully.

There was no one there that M or I had anything in common with. I miss my friends. I can’t say this is a surprise, but until now I’ve been too busy to mope
I moped. I want someone I can have a giggle with…
Sleep now.