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On The Road (Almost)

Packing up this house was a task that quadrupled in size every time I tackled a new part of it. From originally planning to leave last Saturday, to admitting on Sunday night that it would probably be more like Sunday or Monday, I am typing this on Wednesday night, sitting on a mattress in our stripped out house that I have been cleaning solidly for the past three days.
dossing down for the last night in Melbourne
I have scrubbed the walls, mopped the floor, vacumned, dusted, wiped, wiped more, cleaned…bugger. Written down it doesn’t look like much, but I have done all of the above about a hundred fold. Thank god when my dad came over last night it was night!! We hired a diy carpet cleaner called ‘The Rug Doctor’ – yike – it was brilliant. There are still lots of dodgy bits – but really, after living in this house with pale blue carpet for five years, any normal person would exprect a little carnage.

We had a last dinner with Christian and Meegan on Saturday night, a last dinner with Mung and Rach on Sunday night, Monday night we hit the pub in Yarraville for dinner (we’d never been – the bluestone one on Ballarat Street) and felt like we’d already made it to Hervey Bay with the fluro lights, the meals larger than our heads and general no-style inexpensiveness of the whole thing. Last night we had another goodby BBQ with our other neighbors and feasted on prawns, and tonight we’ve just returned from a mean with my sister at Small Poppies. We realised early on today that we wouldn’t be leaving at noon as planned. Doing all the final bits and pieces was like being stuck in treacle. M didn’t really agree with how much cleaning I was doing and all he cleaned were the carpets with ‘The Rug Doctor’ – he fussed around with the trailer, the van and the Humber, making sure that our chances of any dramas en route are minimal. This is the convoy, all packed and ready for us to hit the road at 6am tomorrow morning.
Humber with the new trailer that everyone has called a lemon, and the HiAce, packed to the roof.

Only had a few major arguments, but are now reconciled and ready to set off into the wild blue yonder as the renovation dream team. I’ll miss the cats. They’ll be flying up (hee hee) to Brisbane in ten days or so. This will be my last post for a wee while. I was trying to sort out how to blog via my palm pilot for the trip up, but time (surprisingly) managed to get away from me. Everyone has been so nice, feeding us, looking after us and saying that they’ll miss us. I hate goodbyes. I’ve hired a funny movie to stem my moping. Au revoir!

Bear travels in the Back. This bear is as old as me - I got him the day I was born. Back then he was bigger than me, but not any more. Mwah ha ha ha.


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  1. Best of luck to you with your move. We’ll miss you while you’re preoccupied, but that’s quite understandable. Please take care. *hugs*

  2. Anonymous

    where’s my present Christine???
    still selfish and demented through sick young son not a chinese dish) minding…

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