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Soup Nazi

Last night I went out for pizza with the two people that I share an office with and three other girls that used to work here. Since the majority of people live in Brunswick we decided to go to the pizza-to-die-for place called I Carusi. I’ve been there a couple of times before and the pizza is quite amazing. O booked for 6:30pm but then we realised that 7pm would be better, so he called up and asked whether we could move our booking forward to 7pm and the evil soup-nazi guy that answered the phone screamed ‘NO!’ and put down the phone!! O was horrified. It really is quite a soup-naziesque place; you can only pay in cash, it’s byo and they don’t answer the phone during the day, only at night. But, like I said, they do make the best ever pizza, and most people are willing to put up with all the other stuff. We did. And they were perfectly nice to us when we got there…

You may noticed I haven’t yet mentioned today is Settlement Day. Well it is. And I’m quaking. Apparently the owner is whining that she can’t get to her solicitors to sign the papers, the banks can’t get their shit together and guess what? None of this is my problem! It is all being dealt with by the unflappable Ms. A Power who is my (ahem) solicitor. Her only instructions to me are;
‘If I haven’t called you by 3pm everything has worked out and you may go to the bottle shop.’
So I have propped my phone against my monitor and have been giving it death-stares all morning to scare it into not ringing. And so I wait.

For those Australian people like me who were mildly curious about the new credit card from Virgin – check out Crikey. But remember, all credit cards are evil….I want my Mastercard to go under the scissors asap.


Saucy Gibbon?!



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