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Clearing From Clouds

Just sent off my report on the use of probability in weather forecasting. The relief is large. Of course it’s probably going to received with incredulity and derision, but at this point I don’t care. The latest real estate addition to the saga known as the-most-difficult-house-buying-process-this-galaxy-has-ever-witnessed is that the mortgage papers got lost in the mail. Which meant I had to be given faxed copies to get signed and back to them (so that the ‘four clear days’ required by evil lenders could be taken from that date) and then I had to get the originals to them before settlement. All this I have done, much to the amusement of the solicitor over at LegalAid Victoria who had to sign all my mortgage documents twice and got to hear the saga from me, in ever-advancing stages of panic.

I left a message this morning with the evil lenders nice legal assistant in Sydney saying;
‘Please tell me if everything is OK, I don’t think I can get another extension on top of the extension we’ve already got. Is this all going to be OK?’
She obviously thought something had gone drastically wrong (no…that was just everything up until now) and rang back to say;
‘Everything’s fine – is there a problem at your end?’
And I had to seriously think about it, and was hugely relieved to be able to say;
‘No, my only problem is that I want you to tell me that everything is going to be fine for settlement day. Fine. F-I-N-E.’
I imagined her knuckles whitening as she gripped the telephone, but couldn’t tell a thing from her voice. She actually sounded very sympathetic…which makes me tend to believe that she doesn’t deal with freaks like me all the time. The instructions on the mortgage papers gave specific instructions that all liasing with her (acting for the lender) must be done through my solicitor. But that only stands when everything is not the shape of a pear.
‘It’s all on track, everything is going to plan, you don’t need to worry.’
Ah. The balm of those words. You Don’t Need To Worry.
I went boneless chicken (see The Goodies-episode #16 – see Hippo – I told you I’d find out) and had to have two cups of tea (I really should keep something slightly stronger in the office).

The Humber is looking bloody amazing! Will post some pix once I clear away the two Amazonian rainforests worth of paper from my desk and the real estate hell from my mind. The dash has had new walnut veneer attached and about a million layers of varnish and epoxy. M did have some tense moments reinstalling it and all the dials/switches/lights etc. but luckily I was not at home to witness them. If all is well, I’m going to be cruising up to Hervey Bay in style! I went to an awesome garage sale on the weekend and got a Phillips car radio/cassette player that I’m going to mount under the dash where you can’t see it. Now I just have to hunt down some speakers.

The Bilby album was mastered yesterday and has apparently come together pretty well. Mung sounds pleased – I’ll get my copy on Monday – maybe he’ll let me make an mp3 of one of the tracks.

Saffron the cat is a freak. M and I are very guilt ridden because for the last two days we thought he had been hanging at a neighbours and only visiting us when he felt like another dinner – and when he did appear he was a mega-grump. Finally M twigged that he might have hurt himself and sure enough – he’d hurt a paw – the same paw that has (or…doesn’t have) his amputated toe :o(
The report from the vet today says that he’s missing two claws, but that it’s all fine because they grow back…but it’s sort of like any fingernail injury – painful. (Now I feel bad about my fingernails & pliers comment. D’oh.)

Am going for cautious celebratory drink after work. (As opposed to last nights fear-laced bottle of wine.)


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    wow you know yr stuff miss beth … i’ll have to consult my ‘Complete guide to the Goodies’ (c/o amazon.co.uk) 8) … p.s I think you should add a ‘Recipe of the Week’ section to this blog !

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