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A Poem

In the trickle, ebb and flow
There is only one thing I know
To buy a house is very bad
To buy a house can drive you mad

Stuff that can go pear shaped will
Leaving you faint and feeling ill
Deposit hanging by a thread,
They’ll grind your bones to make their bread

Everything down to the wire,
My head is like a tumble dryer
Moving at a glacial pace
Then scrambling fear in undue haste

A faxing here, a faxing there
Pretending that you really care
The only good thing I can equate?
From all this crap, I’ve lost some weight.

(It still drags on – sentiment same as previous post – too stressed to blog – though some therapeutic rhyming seems to have seeped through my fingertips.)


Too Stressed to Blog


Clearing From Clouds


  1. Fork the house and moving north…here’s what you really should do for the next year:


    I’m sure you two will get along GREAT, finally there’s someone who equally shares your pleasure in kicking things.

  2. Anonymous


  3. Scott- the advertisement was in the paper here on Friday – my dad cut it out for me! But I haven’t seen it yet. Might send over a DVD of the BM clips! Ha ha ha. Like Courtney Love really wants a bass player from Melbourne….though we do share a love of kicking…you are (curiously) correct ;o)

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