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Sleepy Saturday

What a night! Definitely the most excellent birthday party that I’ve had for a while! I decided not to worry about whether or not I managed to talk to everyone and instead gave up and meandered through the night… Here’s a picture of my sister and I with Mr Money Bear (so named as he arrived in a box from my dad with some cash taped to his paw).
Beth, Mae and Money Bear
My new camera worked over time last night! M showed Super-8 films, there was an open bar for the last hour and then all the hardcore revellers came back to the caravan to continue their fun. Dylan gave me a DVD of the new Bidston Moss clip for ‘Seven’, which is (we estimate) about 65% complete. So I showed that to everybody, and people said it looked cool – though there was some flack about the boys not being in it….but it was shot just as an experiment with the idea being that if it turned out OK we could use it for a clip…anyway…

It was an awesome night…am now feeling floppy, but not really hungover :o)




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  1. hippogriff

    i agree re the d. adams stuff…have you heard the radio series ?

    p.s. happy b’day beth 8)

  2. Thank you H!!
    Remember hearing vague snatches of the radio series years ago. I was reading a lot about DNA around the time of his regrettable demise and the stories about those recordings are pretty interesting! Will try to find the links….

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