I bought a mirror on the weekend at a garage sale….this time with my lunch money *sigh*. The mirror apparently began the day priced at about $50 but by the time I got there they basically threw it at me for $15. It’s (I’m guessing) sort of art deco looking – very pretty. Here ’tis;
mirror mirror on the door...

Naturally I had it in mind for the (touch wood) new house because it won’t fit in the terrace/caravan. I am being driven insane by the knowledge that had the solicitors in Queensland put down their cans of FourX and pulled their fingers out of their arses, everything might have been sorted by now. But no, although I specifically requested that they send down the certified contracts of sale via Express Post (which means it would have got here last Tuesday) they were unable to wrap their brains around that…it still hasn’t arrived. It makes me want to KILL!

I have a new expression for my current status – I am in Limbot. This is an advanced form of Limbo, supplemented by rash and an inability to sleep and concentrate. Angst laden blogging is my only relief. (Well, that and plotting my revenge on those Queensland bastards). If this is all ever resolved in my favour I am going to frame an Express Post envelope and attach a small hammer to it on a chain. I will present it to them with the instructions that;

If anyone from the southern state of Victoria ever requests that you send down a contract that they need asap you are to break this glass and send the documents forth using this envelope – thus saving some poor bastard the stressed out week and a half that you have caused me.

They will be full of contrition, I just know it! ;o)