Ah, I vant to be alone. Actually, I have no choice. I am alone. As far as I can ascertain I am the only one in this whole university. I don’t usually ‘dress for work’ mostly I just wear trousers and boots – I suppose it’s no different today, but I am wearing my new boots (not Doc-style, more girly girl style with zips up the sides and heels). They make me feel work-like. So I only got here an hour and a half late rather than not getting here at all. If I haven’t explained before, the reason that I am all alone in here on Good Friday (and next Monday and Tuesday also) is because I am employed as a casual. This is my choice – as a casual I don’t get holidays or sick leave but I do get paid double what I’d get if I was made permanent with the aforementioned perks. And as a girl that’s in the middle of buying a house and planning on moving over 1000 kilometres away, I need all the cash I can get – they can keep their sick leave!

So I whine about my office fairly often, and as no one is in it at the moment except for me I brought in my new camera!! Now I can show my grey brick view to the world, my dodgy desk (and after I took a photo of it I realised it still looks like it belongs to the last person who sat at it…) and my ventilation customisation…
The paint is called buttermilk - the view is called BLAH

OK, get ready for this one. As someone who has had their eyes lasered and who’s skin seems to dry out on command, having an air vent pumping in someone’s idea of ‘fresh air’ at temperatures that seem to vary as wildly as this university’s financial management doesn’t really make my time in the office as enjoyable as it could be. So after experimenting with vast amounts of cardboard and gaffer tape and pulling off the vent altogether….I ended up with this…

Mwah ha ha ha, VANQUISHED!!!
And for a better look at my wondrous invention….
Pillow Power!

OK… maybe I should think about actually doing some work instead of vamping around with my favourite toy. Lollies first.