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Bugger this waiting crap. It was all for nowt. I have stress rash on my face and dog nutrition supplement
look like a freakish 5"11 lizard. Tasty. I will not be speaking of the thing for which I was waiting, silly to dwell on what is now nothing. My other angst is my goddamn university course!!! I'm sure I've ranted before, but every few months ago they manage to scale another pinnacle of incompetence that I would have previously (and charitably) thought impossible.

This time they have decided that although they told me that I would finished my Masters degree at the end of February (when I was supposed to hand in my thesis) apparently regulations have changed along the way and I am required to do some more subjects!! This sucks. They won't charge me for these subjects and will exempt me from some others, but still... I thought I had finished and now I haven't. It is very disappointing. My tutor called me about three weeks ago about this and said I would recieve information about it. I received nothing. I called her a few times, then finally got on to her about it. She said I would recieve information about it. I got nothing. Finally I wrote a very pointed email to the woman who heads up the administration side of things and got a response from both my tutor and her sidekick within 24 hours! They had sent the information to the 'wrong' email address - blah blah blah. These are the people who are supposed to be helping me through my masters and they are trying to send me stuff to an email address that was from my old job and has been extinct for over six months??! Totally useless. This whole course is a total nightmare - the worst thing is, if they ever get it together it will be a cool course, but at the moment it's a big fat wank.

My 'Reading' heading on the sidebar seems not to be working. I don't know whether it is due to me or to allconsuming.net. It is a shame :o(


She Hates to Wait


Too Fast For Taurus

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  1. And Monday’s child has learned to tie his bootlace…sorry, I couldn’t resist. This comment will make absolutely no sense when your daily caption changes, so enjoy while you can 😉

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