Last year I spent about $250 on new front and rear windscreen rubber seals for my car. Due to the totally crap mechanic that I took it to for a ‘service’ and brakes, who sucked me dry, I haven’t been able to put my plans into action. Until now! I came home on Wednesday and M had taken out both windsreens and started work on cutting out the rust. The car looked like this:
You can’t really see, but there has been rust removed from the front right hand wheel panel. Compared to my last Humber (this one has that one’s engine in it) there is not a lot of rust. The main nasty bits are around the windscreens because the seals perished and water would get in and whenever it rained and the car was in the street I could feel it rusting. Eeeek. So no sleep for me. So now this will be all fixed and rustproofed, but we are finding it hard to come up with a windscreen dude who is brave enough to come over and put the glass back in. They are too scared, because they know that I shall have to kill them if they crack the glass.

Writers group this afternoon. Tres cool. Except that I was going to best dog supplement
have a tasty dinner, but have discovered my bank balance is approximately .27cents due to the fact that the cheque I deposited in there is taking EIGHT days to clear. Bastards. My secret plot is still bubbling in the balance...waiting to find out is driving me insane.

Thesis: the odd thing is that my wordcount over there is dead on! I have spent the last week correcting and cutting and adding and it has ended up exactly the same length as when I began!! Weird.