Morning Swim

Just got back from splashing in supplements for dogs
the sea - on a Monday morning before work! Wonders will never cease! Had such a hideous lack of sleep (very hot last night)that I had to go and do something out of the ordinary - woke up in an advanced state of grump. Now feeling much better, thankfully. Very social weekend *sigh* (that's the thesis sighing). Saw Chicago on Friday night. It was pretty cool, they really were very true to the stage script, Catherine Zeta Jones had sizzle-factor! Chuppa-chup girl was OK and Richard Gere was surprising.

Saturday M and I went and...PICKED UP MY CAR!! Oh yeah! The Humber is back! I have a sneaking suspicion that I will never be able to take it back to George Hall Auto because I will drive it in there and they will all vomit on sight. It apparently took up a lot of time (really - like about a MONTH??!) Mung took his car in there a day or two ago and had been primed to say, 'Oh, you've still got Beth's car?'
Which he did. And the mechanic confessed to crying over my car and their inability to fix it. This soothed my rage slightly. Mwah ha ha ha. I might be tempted to feel bad...if they'd Ever rung me. Huh.

So now the only other business that is stuffing me around is my savage dentist to whom I swore I would never return. Which would be true if he'd actually fixed my tooth; instead, yesterday when I was poking my tooth trying to remove a bit of museli that was stuck in it, I touched the bottom part of it a sent myself into orbit. Oh My. God. They'd forgotten (or were just too bloody slack) to do the filling right to the bottom of my tooth - so now I am too scared to touch it, because when I orbited it felt like the nerve had flopped out and had done a little tapdance. Yike.

Saw Machine Translations, The Fangs and Oneironaut. Machine Translations were great, Onironaut were way too loud (I love it when singers sing a line and then shake their head at the mixer as if to say 'Get it right, I can't hear my foldback...' when the entire band is cranked to eleven) but they were pretty cool a la Swervedriver. The Fangs were a rip off of those wankers The Vines - they were OK, bar the lead singer who felt compelled to scream himself hoarse, and then the song would finish and the audience (who were waiting for the headline band) would clap politely. Had a cool time with Claire, Jenelle and Matt who were my gig-buddies (and I really need gig buddies, because when you have a boyfriend who works in a pub, it's hard to drag him to one under the guise of 'fun').

Oh - last night! Went to the Maribyrnong/Maidstone RSL to see this guy we know play acoustic - it's great! He sets up outside, everyone plays lawn bowls, then when it gets dark you all throw in $5 each and get a bbq dinner! Cheap beer too! I swear, if that was happening in Fitzroy it would be deemed highly cool. As it is, instead of hippies with tatts, there was thugs with tatts, but we all had a very good time!

Tiny gig tonight at the Cornish Arms. 10Speed's second show as part of the Wax Lyrical song competition - doubt we'll win our heat (I have heard they're going for cello-y kind of music, and we're just trashy rock) but it'll be a good practice for us.


It Rains!




  1. claire

    oh, beth, it woulda been cool if you came midnite-dipping with us, but thanks for being my gig buddy. i think we should be oneironaut groupies and ensure we’re completely deaf by the time we’re 35 (or 33 in your case).

  2. Ah – an age concession!! Give me more, give me more!! Oneironaut were pretty cool…when I do turn thirty my concession to my age will be to carry earplugs (though it’s probably waaaaay too late…)

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