Oh the cat vitamin c
evilness of being left alone in the office! It's practically an invitation to play with my webpage, tweak my BlogAmp and generally avoid taxing my brain. Got to work a bit late in the innocent belief that my boss had gone interstate. Thus you can imagine my response when he walked into the room at about 10am. I have turned minimising at lightspeed into an artform.

Am recovered from wedding, though miss my special hair. Last night had a bit of band practice and got a burnt copy of our new EP - it's been mastered! Now, it is usual for me to cringe whilst listening to any of our recordings, but this actually made me grin a little bit *ahem*. I dont mind it. I had the artwork pretty much done the week after we recorded it, because I was inspired. It's going to feature a cool chick on the cover that Michelle from YellowToothpick has given me permission to use - it should look pretty cool. I like EP's better than albums. they are more immediate...though listening to albums is cool, but when you are in a band with no money, the more tracks you have to record the more you have to compromise because of costs. It sucks. Thus, while we remain poor and struggling, EP's will be my medium of choice.

Arrrrrgh! Those bastards still have my car. I can't believe this. They buggered the master cylinder while putting in my new brake parts and they're still stuffing around with it and fitting in work on it in between all the other cars that are waiting. Ohhhhhhhhhh. It makes me want to KILL. Here is a copy of my letter I am going to fax them at the end of the week (when I will have been car-less for a month).

I was wondering if my car (the Humber) is OK. I miss it. Can anyone give me an idea of how long it’s going to take to fix? I don’t have any other car and getting taxis everywhere is costing me a bucketload. I understand that it’s a headache for you and that you’re very busy; but as you’ve had it for three weeks I would have thought it had now become a priority.

You have not communicated with me for at least a week, and the last two times I’ve picked the car up it has been unsafe and dangerous to drive. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that I am feeling hard done by, and feel that I have been more than patient. Most other people would have thrown their lawyers at you by now.

I am sad.


Oooh, I just know it's going to send fear rippling down their spines. [rolls eyes]