I just saw Standing in the Shadows of Motown. See it. It’s kickass. I went into this cinema just around the corner of my hotel and it turned out that Wednesday night is $7 night, I’d wanted to see the Motown film and it just happened to be playing at 7pm. So I had early dinner (btw, never go to a joint in Canberra called Caffe Della Piazza – it was uniformly crap: overpriced caeser salad that was basically lettuce, bits of bacon, a couple of anchovies, stale white bread masquerading as croutons and icky mayonaisd. Icky also summed up the white wine. You have been warned. (I cannot believe this place got a ‘best restaurant’ in Mietta’s last year. What are they judging it against? McDonalds? Pah.)

The movie, on the other hand, blew my little brain. Read a bit about it here. It sounds like the vitamin for dogs
DVD would be even better due to the amount of footage that they had to cut out. The Funk Brothers cranked out more hits than anyone ever has - it's quite bizarre. I feel so uninformed. But now strangely enlightened - I want to read the book that it's based on.

Oh god. I feel like I'm wading through treacle. I'm in this darkened room on the second floor of this seedsville hotel, have paid $5 to get exactly 47 minutes of internet time, and of course they didn't enlighten me that I would be struggling through the quicksand that is an antique Pentium 166 MMX. I feel like I'm falling back in time. It's horrible. Have had no luck with Canberra food thus far. Can't remember what Bill Bryson wrote about it - but just looked it up (though I'm sure Scott could tell me)...oh. Well. The nicest thing he had to say was that the beer here is cold. He's pretty funny about our charisma-ridden leader though: