Oh man. It’s 40 degrees. Which is over 100 fahrenheit, I”m sure. Most people I know are watching the vitamins and minerals for dogs
Williams sisters play tennis on TV while clad in undies only. Can't breathe or move. Don't know whether I' prefer this or ice and snow. If I had a coupule of servants to serve me an endless selection of gin and tonics, or even an electric fan, I would feel better. Have to go to medieval murder party tonight - rang up to check whether it is still taking place. My friend Chris (in her undies) said that it's still going ahead. So I spent an hour making a cone hat with cardboard, silver doilies and fancy chiffon material that I got from the fabric shop yesterday. Unfortunately when I'd finished it - I realised I made it too tall - d'oh. However it is very rapunzel-like and will go very nicely with my...singlet. That's as medieval as I get in this weather. The wind is terrible and I feel terrible for the firefighters, I can't even imagine what it must be like. I'm feeling very urban and unhelpful.
God. I have made so many mistakes that I've had to fix up whilst writing this that I'm going to end it here. Good luck Venus. Good luck Serena.