OK, well, I illustrated in dog vitamins
my last post how my weekend was eaten and I'm just posting late this Sunday night to confirm that it was gulped. It is now about 11pm and I have been agonising over songs with my friend Dan - in the end we just thought 'Bugger it, we'll write our own.' So that's what we've been doing for the last four or five hours. This is all in honour of the gothy wedding *sigh* - hopefully it will go OK.
Have typed nothing, nada, nought and zero for more days than I want to think about. VirginBlue is having an air ticket special, which ends in an hour and I really want to get one - v.cheap!! Thirty three dollars to Sydney!! More bad news on the house-sitting front....

Seem to have killed another fish. Not sure how, since it's just disappeared from the tank and I can't find it anywhere nearby. :o(