Went out to dinner last night with my dad and my faux-uncle Noel – they both spent the night heaping insults on each other whilst I ate my way through local mussels in broth with cheesy bread on the side then topped it off with a slice of Coffee Pistachio Cake. Well, they called it a slice, it was more like a small country – Noel ate a good chunk of it while I had a breather, then I finished it off. Then he got busted in the toilets stealing toilet paper. It seems my theory (previously unpublicised) that scavenging doesn’t end with your university degree (unless you studied law, medicine, marketing or dentistry). I have been living off about $10 this week and showed so much rapture in my first proper cup of Earl Grey Tea at the cafe that my dad took me over to the supermarket and bought me two packs of Twinings best.

The hip and joint supplement for dogs
house I'm sitting has lots of teas. Nettle, lemon balm, echinacia, morrocan mint, peppermint, green, japanese tea with puffed rice...but for GOD'S SAKE!! Sometimes a nice cup of white with one is what is required to retain some form of sanity. Dad topped off the tea with a six pack of Coopers Sparkling Ale - a beer I tend to mention quite often because of my extreme partiality to it. Splendid. I stayed up a little late, getting involved in explaining the game of netball via email, which errs on the tricky side - but then went to bed happily, having got confirmation from my father that he would take care of the burglar noises and the burglars whilst I beat a stealthy retreat. Good sleep. Ignored the mozzie that is still in my room. Can't catch it, so will revenge myself on it by outliving it. Hah!!

Found a cool little tool mentioned over at RubDub which introduced me to Geourl and how it shows all the sites within a 500 mile radius of your blog. I am now sure of my place in the world...well, at least I now know my latitude and longitude. I was aided in my discovery of this via a kind of cool site. It was the only place that would give my puny little suburb it's own lat/long reading - all the others sent me to Footscray and Yarraville.