Mozzies Deprive Sleep

Last night was spent, as usual, staying up late to dog dietary supplements
tire myself out enough so that I would not lie away listening for burglar noises. I was aided in this by the attentions of a mosquito that seemed to be larger than my head. It buzzed around the room and I threw a few things at it, but it was deft and weaving. Finally, after pursuing it around stealthily I remained unvanquished, and to prove this, I sat for twenty minutes with my bare leg extended as bait that was not taken. Bastard. It was my only experience of fishing for mullet – they just all around the boat as I tried to beseech them on to my hook. No joy. Resorted to head under pillow. My eyebags trip me up every second step. Can type no more as I have to throw together a dazzling overview of ‘What netball means to me’ for Iowan viewing.


Going Down To Cow Town


Grey AM / Sunny PM


  1. hippogriff

    I find the head-as-bait usually works well, but then of course you have to be prepared to smack yourself in the face.

  2. I tried head-as-bait last night, but wasn’t too successful. This mozzie is evil and wily and I think the only way I will get victory over it is by living longer than it.
    I’m going now…to make the comments font bigger!

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