Everytime I think I’m going to senior dog vitamin
be dragged over the coals for not pulling together my research into a cohesive lump, it seems to turn out OK (runs from room to find some wood to touch). So, aparently I am on track...at work that is...masters thesis is another matter [clutches head]. Hitting 10,000 words was bad - I am now crumpling in resolve - but on the plus side, after suffering through yesterday feeling like crap I have now again taken on human form. This is good. However, in my stupor I did forget to transfer a little segment of savings into my everyday account and thus have $5 to indulge in over the space of 48 hours. This is OK for I have a bike - no public transport costs - huzzah!

We just listened to Sam (who I work with) play her banjo on 3CR - v.cool. I had a go of it before she left and can officially declare I am a totally shithouse banjo player - though slightly better than I am on violin *sigh*. Am missing my guitar and wishing I had it around, though that would be another reason to avoid writing and that would be wrong.

Have big clash on Saturday with the great combination of bridesmaids dress fitting and my sisters birthday picnic...then dash off to prepare for the Hen's Night... I must say, I am intrigued by the whole thing - I've never been to a Hen's Night before - I have a feeling that this will be a staid affair consisting of dinner then on to a bar for drinks. This is a good thing.