A weekend of alcohol – really. This was dictated by the weather. Gorgeous – if you’re lucky enough to be sitting there with a G&T or Coopers Pale Ale, but unfortunate if you’re barrelling down to Kleins Perfumery in Brunswick Street looking for a present. Mmmm – I did both (well, the beer bit, not the gin bit). Yesterday we went to Wiss’s house to do a painting working bee – I worked hard drinking beer and finishing Boy George’s autobiography whilst everyone else painted and then dug into the worlds best bbq.

Then passed out on the dog supplements uk
couch for an hour til wakened by a screaming child whom I was glad to find did not belong to me. Was quite horrified at the amount I’d eaten, but nevertheless managed to drag Wiss and M to Hissyfit’s last show at the Empress. Sadly, and because Wiss and I had started drinking at 2pm we had very little stamina, which was also tested by the fact that Hissyfit had a v.dodgy mix, which was a shame. So we didn’t make it all the way through to see Atreyu, but we did make it and see two bands, so we didn’t feel too guilty...
Got up and read trashy magazines over iced coffee at some café in Smith Street – which shows how tired and strung out I felt – I NEVER drink coffee. But it worked it’s magic and I slowly took on human form, and we came back to housesitting house – whereupon M got addicted to Boy George’s autobiography just as I had, thus I couldn’t mock him – we then set off to the St Kilda Botanical Gardens for Steph’s birthday, which was fun. We all sat around in the shade of a huge gum tree and (among other things) planned the sequel to Velocity Girls.
Now back in Collingwood, and feeling unbeatable, as I vanquished the heat and managed to have an awesome day – now, as payback for M disposing of dead pigeon (who died from eating too many peaches - I hope) I about to cook a stirfry that will be ready in time to veg out in front of Hornblower.
The pressure is on! (Naturally, have not improved on my word count today – am wondering if this will improve tomorrow – am hoping so – fervently).