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Saga of the Blog

Oh god. What dramas!! What have I been sitting here doing for the past hour? I have been sitting here re-entering all my posts via copy and paste! Yes – every post for the past two months (thank god I haven’t been banging on any longer, I would have killed me!)
“But why?” you ask.
“Well,” I answer with a sigh, “I became unreasonably obsessed that [m i a o w] was not able to be seen from the US on occasion and also that none of my pings worked when I did a new post. Obviously the world was still turning for some people, but not for me. So I asked Martin – my most excellent server dude – whether it was because they’d taken my IP address away, because this was the only thing I could think of that would be causing this problem….

He was more than helpful and natural cat supplements
suggested he could reinstate my IP address, but that meant deleting and recreating my account and was I up for it? Yes I was. So I gaily used the back up tool in my web hosting control panel, trusted to the gods and let them blow it away. Interestingly enough, there was no option to backup my sql database - I mean, there was one, but my db wasn't listed. Oh well, I thought, it must just be backed up with the rest of it. This was the major bad assumption. The other bad thing was that my account was recreated with a different username so I had to retweak my scripts," I roll my eyes and continue.
"So basically, I could read my blog (though it looked, and still looks, very out of whack) but when it came to posting etc. - no joy. I'd deleted my database and everything was G-O-N-E. Ack.

Jumped on to the user forums where Girlie confirmed the worst. So it was pretty bad, but not as bad as it could have been. I might have lost all the html archives of my posts. That would have really sucked. One plus is that when I began investigating whether I could import my posts into my new installation of Movable Type, I found a fix for the Blogger import and so have brought all those in as well - no longer do they linger unaccessible and alone."
And that's the end of the story...


Jumble Jumble


Tappity Tap, Hooray!


  1. Auuugghh! That means you’ve lost all my brilliant comments too?? Well, see if I ever post here agai….

    Ah, DAMN!!!

    That sounds like quite a trying misadventure getting everything running once more, glad it’s working out. However, if you ever encounter something of mine that reads like this entry of yours, please shoot me! πŸ˜›

  2. Oh yeah, you might wanna know – it’s weird, I often can’t log onto miaow directly, getting that same message…BUT when I load the goulding.com.au page FIRST, I’m always able to get into miaow afterwards. Curiouser and curiouser, said Alice. So I guess the problems I’ve had are kinda solved that way. Maybe that’s a little lubrication to get your world spinning on its axis once again…

    [Oi, what’s with the email requirement now? Picking up some extra sheckels by selling names, are we? ;oP ]

  3. Beth

    Ack. I’ve no idea about the email thingy!! Will look into it!! Ugh. Have drunk too much beer – the weather is so nice, there’s little else to be done…

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