Oh shit! I just looked in dog vitamins supplements
the fish tank and the black goggly eyed fishy is floating on his side making vague gulpings. I have no idea what to do!!! R said that she brought these fish down from Sydney with her and she's had them for years and now I've pretty much killed one and I didn't even try!!! The other fish are all just normal goldfishys and are fine! The only thing I think I could have done that was bad was burned essential oils nearby. Would that of done it? Oh god - I don't know what I'm going to do if it dies! They are never going to get me to house sit again. I will be known as the Fish Exterminator. It's so unfair - I'm trying hard to be a super-tenant, writing down all my phone calls, watering the garden, eating all their peaches...this really sucks.

Will go home to caravan house tonight for I am going surfing in the morning with the GR's, M & Wiss. First time with new eyes! Maybe the fish will like it if I give them some space? Every time something like this happens to me, I think uselessly 'why does stuff like this happen to me?'! What do I do if it expires? Preserve it in olive oil for R's return home and give it to her? Put it on the compost heap - because she's an organic kind of babe? I don't swear heaps here, but FUCK@!!!