Today is the first day in the Collingwood house. Got here late last night and dragged everything out of the Humber into the hallway. Oooh! It’s like being on holiday! Wasn’t too scary in the night – I did wake up when the fridge whirred but apart from that I didn’t spend too long dwelling on axe murderers and the like. Have watered the back garden, put out a few grains of muesli for the little mouse that I saw in the garden last weekend and whacked my laptop on the kitchen table which has three skylights over head. Have hit 2,100 words and think I will put a word count up somewhere here in case anybody cares…

Have invited C, J and M over at 5pm for dinner before we go and play a gig at the Planet Café (which is ‘just down the road’ – huzzah!!) but I have absolutely nothing to feed them! There is a dial-a-pizza place that sounds pretty awesome, so I am in the midst of doing that money-conserving weighing up as to whether dragging myself to the supermarket in 30 degree heat is going to cost less than a pizza – considering that I need petrol…probably not.

Saw all the Momentum people that I hadn’t seen for ages last night at the bbq. I drove around for ages beforehand, on the trail for my new favourite beer that I was astonished to discover is LIGHT!! That’s so bizarre – I avoid light beer like the plague, but this one you can’t even tell – I had to get it out of the bottle bin to check it was really a ‘light beer’. It’s called Moonlight and it’s from the Grand Ridge Brewery in vitamin supplement for dogs
Mirboo North – there are also stronger beers which are called Moonshine (about 8% alcohol) and Supershine (11%) – the one I like is only 3.2% which is some kind of personal record. Oops, I was on the trail of the beer at the start of this para wasn’t I? Well I found a bottle shop that stocked all the others except the one I was after – typical. Would have bought the Moonshine but I had to drive home so I left it and just returned to my Coopers Green and only drank two, which, if I may say so, showed remarkable restraint on my part.

I bloody forgot to tape ‘At Home With The Braithwaites’ and indeed, have put aside a beer for M if he turns up tonight and tells me he taped it out of the milky kindness of his heart. But as I think he would have left home before it started, I’m not holding my breath. This is why I never bother watching serial stuff on TV – it’s too annoying when you miss one – by the time I tune in next week, she probably will have had the baby and I will have missed the whole thing!! Speaking of children – one of my few friends (D) that actually has one was there last night with his three year old. Thankfully I wasn’t the only one who found the spectacle of a three year old ruling his father with a rod of iron fairly revolting. This kid won’t ‘let’ his dad play the guitar and stood there and whined until he stopped. D said he ‘hasn’t been able to play the guitar for three months’ – if I was a more upfront person I would have said that he should tell the three year old Mussolini to give it a rest and either play with his toys or go to bed. Ugh. Evil child. And D is who I’m supposed to be practicing songs with for the gothy wedding – how that’s going to happen with Small Dictator in existence I don’t know.