Bleugh…am kind of functioning. The Meredith Music Festival ate my weekend – but in a nice (though very bloody hot and dusty) way! Sleater Kinney rocked my world, as did Bob Mould, Lisa Miller and the Adam Simmons Toy Band (I had never seen anyone do a solo with two rubber chickens before!) I heard Jon Spencer and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs – who both sounded very cool! But I was in my sleeping bag for the former and putting up the tent for the latter – this makes me sound very lame, I agree, but you must consider that it was sooooo hot! Like about 35 degrees Celsius and I drank much beer to combat it – thus feeling the need to sleep at about 10pm on Saturday night…tee hee hee.

I then woke up way earlier than everyone else and supplement dogs
went on desperate search for water (before I dried out into a raisin). It was quite entrancing! I picked my way among three million beer cans and passed out people sleeping in impossible positions…obviously I have a measure of unrealised intelligence – because I was up so early there were no lines for the toilets or the café tent…it was all very liberating. We got a lift with Mung and Rachael and I was introduced to the wonder that is a camper van. I want one. Imagine it – drive to wherever you want to stay and then just stop and make a cup of tea in the back! No tent to put up or anything. I feel v.enlightened. They made us nachos and eggs on toast and cups of tea…very civilised.

On Sunday I realised something that I never knew about myself. I am a Dirt Magnet. I was easily dirtier than anyone else I saw all day. It was quite perplexing (and equally revolting). No one could quite believe how much dirt stuck to me (I have a personal theory that it was all related to my sunscreen, but still….). There are photos to prove it and when I get them back I might be brave enough to put a ‘dirty picture’ up here. I had to have about a 20 minute shower to get it all off (which is not a good thing in these days of water restrictions).

It was sooo dusty at Meredith that every few hours or so a water truck/fire engine thing would cruise through the crowd and around the front of the stage spraying the ground (end everyone who was chasing the truck) with water to lay the dust. It was incredibly hot in the sun, and the crowd was an oddly shaped affair, because everyone was sitting in the shade of the trees and nowhere else (except for the people right up near the stage). When we got home it felt as if I'd been away for days, instead of just's now 11am on Monday and it's just started to filter through that my weekend has passed and I have another five days to work - argh!

Christmas is a week from Wednesday and is beginning to scare me (the organisation part, I mean). I haven't sent out any cards yet, haven't posted any of the things that need to be posted (though be reassured Scott, I put together a rarities cd on Friday night) - Tom, if you read this, having your birthday so near to Christmas is a total pain ;oP

Am dwelling on house sitting in Collingwood through January as a kind of enforced writing retreat - I think I might be more inclined to get further through my 24,200 words if I'm not surrounded by my own stuff to distract me (cats, house to clean, garden, telephone etc.)...anyway, would be a cheap writers retreat! Must now return to the wonders of probability - have just found out I have to go to the Bureau of Meteorology tomorrow...*shudder*...sooo interesting...