Well…maybe. Didn’t think I would write today, but was inspired by the best dog vitamin
blog of another Beth who is having turmoils...she mentioned in her post about a friend who had a 'head against brick wall realisation' and I had one of those the other day too...though completely insignificant... M was driving me to work and we go through a bit of North Melbourne where there are kind of industrial buildings that are big enough for trucks to drive into, and I saw in big letters on one
doorway MAX HEADROOM. Here comes my blonde moment….wait for it…
I had only ever thought of that as the name for that 3D plasticine-y looking guy in the eighties…it had never occurred to me that it was short for ‘maximum head room’. Oh dear. This kind of thing happens to me often enough to be slightly unsettling. Mow has had his fur shaved and the report from home says he now looks like a skinny feral rat that should be living in a drain somewhere… (previously he was a puff of Persian-ish fur). Welcome to Summer, Mow – it kicks off on Sunday.