Crocodile tears. Keep tipping false tears into my eyes…apparently dry eyes are a plus dog vitamins
fairly normal result of laser surgery...or so the interent leads me to believe...I see...I do! Now I know I have little sad abrasions on my eyes I feel bad for them and try to keep them wet and happy -it's kind of like looking after a tadpole in a drought. Poor house. It is gone. I think I'll go and throw all
the photos I took of it's interior away so I don't ever stumble upon them. I'm sure Lorraine is right and there are better ones out there - but there are aren't many other places as nice as Toogoom that I have tripped over recently...if ever.

Studying is trundling along - I am 500 words from being up to date. The stuff I wrote last night was such a crock I can hardly believe it, but I have decided to feed them what they want and then hassle them about it later (after they've marked me). All this crap about semiotics, sight and
perception (which did not go down well with me as you may imagine) and virtual worlds and the making of computer games... I just fail to see how any of this is relevant. I have a secret belief that the tutor in question just had a paper she'd written hanging around and thought she'd slot it in somewhere. God. I can't suffer alone, here's a bit of it: By the end of this module you will have
- how the eye makes sense of what it sees;
- how the mind makes sense of what we see;
- how we construct meaning from what we see;
- the implications of these issues for making effective computer games

Guess what my course is?
Writing. I'm trying to write a crime novel. Oh yes, extremely relevant. On another point - I have been saved from buying scary Wittner shoes to be worn at wedding of Goth. Lisa came over last night to collect her DVD's that I stole from her ages ago and I modelled my two pairs of strappy black sandals for her and she approved both as appropriate...[big sigh of relief]...I have had enough shoe trauma for one week....(mainly due to the fact that 'slides are in' this 'season' and so if you want summer shoes with an ankle strap you'll have better luck fossicking through your attic...which Australian houses don't wouldn't have any luck at all....say hello to thongs...