The Monday Mope Not a supplement for dog
good response from optometrist; laser surgery has enabled me to see like a raptor, but my eyes are suffering from lack of lubrication :o( I have to go back in a week... my eyes are getting grazed from lack of moisture. I am now in possession of lubricating drops and gel! Naturally, retail therapy became a necessity. My new shoes are.... not startingly lascivious, but super comfy...(please ignore that I typed that, it is a very old/sensible person's thing to say. The guy in the shop was very helpful - I was torn between the more glamourous pair and the practical pair... "Ohhhh," I sigh, viewing my feet in practical sandals from every possible angle. 'They're just not very exciting."
"Depends what you want them for, love," responds shoe seller guy in a Zen-like manner.
"Well, they need to survive the beach, a music festival, camping, um..."
I look beseechingly at him in the hope that he will take the decision from me. No girl really wants to have to take on the decision to buy sensible shoes. Do they? He'd gone. I saw him spouting wisdom at a German tourist. I put on the more frivolous pair and walked around the shop, imagining I was stumbling around at the Meredith Music Festival, weaving around tent pegs and evil remants of Hare Krishna food. The decision became simpler. Fifty sensible dollars later I
was driving away from the temptations of Chapel Street towards museli at FeedBack (one of my three currently acceptable cafes....)