Sunday Indoors Today I conquered the pet joint supplement
world from my couch! I hereby proclaim that no one should have to work on Mondays. Well, maybe half the population should so the other half feels lucky, and then they can rotate every six months. No way would I have had the nice day I had today if I'd had to go to work tomorrow. Didn't get to bed til three thirty after last nights gig, so didn't surface until woken by a mournful cat at about 11am. I had egg and soldiers made for me
and only left the couch to have a bath and put on different pajamas! I caught up on the last two weeks of my study and so assauged some of that guilt. Tomorrow is another study day - but I also have an appointment at my optometrist - it will be one month since I had my eyes lasered! She's going to let me know whether I'm OK to go surfing and swimming and stuff like that. I'm excited!!

Obviously if all goes well I will have to visit a shoe shop in my quest for some chunky summer sandals - I've only got thongs or sandals with a heel which are no good for anything but work. A girl needs the kind of sandals that are good for jumping around in. I'd like to move my site to MovableType but I have to wait to hear from the ISP whether I can do it or not...