Oh, I think I must have done something bad….bought too many clothes in my lifetime or something. My market day sucked :o( I thought it was going to be lots of fun :o( Wah. I got up at 4:30am and made myself a flask of tea to take (that would be a thermos for you Scott) as well as taking a little esky (um…a cooler…or….a car fridge?) with the essential 33 degree day supplies of tangelos and water. Packed the car, drove to market. Spent 15 minutes trying to manoeuvre the tank into an impossibly small gap in between my neighbouring stall holders….Then I made the horrid realisation…I had too much stuff!!!! I hired a clothes rack, set up my card table and distributed clothes in boxes, on the ground (on a sheet) and on the car. Then sat back and sipped tea in what I hoped was a cosmopolitan manner….absolutely surrounded by my sins of excess.

All up I made $80, which isn’t a pet health supplement
lot once you subtract the cost of the stall ($40). And me with my $233 float….then M showed up with my fave drink – pink grapefruit fizzy thing – and I was able to go for a wander. Immdediately blew $10 on four cds (it could have been worse): Free Kitten, Superchunk, the Hope Blister and a Tanya Donnelly EP. When it got towards packing up time and I had discounted everything except my leather jacket to FIFTY CENTS and sold my $55 black shoes (that I couldn’t wear because they hurt my feet and made them hot) I had slumped into deep depression. M wisely went for a wander. Then the clothes rack fell on me and the car... [long pause]……no one really came near me for quite a while after that – I think I turned all gargoyle. All the clothes were dirty and squashed and I swore that they would not enter my house under any circumstances. I wish that I’d just asked Georgia to sell them all on Ebay and given her a cut. To cut a long and profoundly sad story short, I drove home steaming, bought a bottle of white wine, M made me bruchetta (or however you spell it) and I made short work of both and quietly passed out for a couple of hours. [btw: the wine in question was startlingly divine and must be recorded here so I remember it – Moondah Brook Verdelho 2002 – killer!]