Well, one hour’s sleep isn’t all that much to coat supplement for dog
get through the day on…..[snores] I have no stamina without sleep – I have already power napped at my desk by accident – twice (though no one can tell because my back is to them and it looks as if I am intensely interested in what’s on my screen). The computer, of course, is what caused my downfall. Until 4:30am I battled with it, and finally (though this is a debatable assertion) I beat it! The joy, at that early hour, of hearing the trilling of the modem as it makes a faultless connection to the Warragul server, when before it only ever connected once out of every five times. The sparkle and zip of a brand new operating system, the reinstallation of My Documents and the dubious importing of old email messages… aaahhh…for those things I have not slept. I think I must remember at some point to get a life… Oh, I am going to see the ‘classic fifties noir film’ Kiss Me Deadly tonight (though whether I’ll watch or just pass out is an intriguing question)… [yawns….again]