OK, it’s about five minutes to missing link pet supplements
one am and I'm in the country - the kind of country that has no street lights and lots of animal sounds. I have been waging valiant battle with my dad's computer since 11am this morning, have bought him an new one in desperation, have been sold a dodgy hard drive, have spent the last three hours ascertaining that fact and now have regressed to using the original 1.4gig (eeek!) drive from the old dinosaur computer in the newer one *sigh*. Computers, for all their wonders, are ruled by sod's law. Anything that doesn't work, will continue not to work until one has pulled out one significant clump of one's own hair....M is sitting in the opposite chair reading a book called Scorn - a book of wonderous quotes that he is spouting at intervals. I am unruffled as I have had two mugs of black coffee (more than I drink in over the
span of six months) and a shot of Chivas. Am actually remarkably unruffled....
FOR GOD'S SAKE!! HOW LONG DOES THIS OPERATING SYSTEM TAKE TO INSTALL??!! (...and when it does....will it fit on a 1.6gig drive???!)