A letter to Dr Scott, paleontologist…

    (A note from Beth, Zoe’s mother: the following letter has been dictated to me by Zoe, your four year old fan who has ambitions to become a paleontologist. The videos are for you too…)

    Dear Dr Scott Paleontologist,
    When you write your letter to me please tell us about your masiakasaurus bones?
    And then can you tell me if you’ve got any parasaurolophus fossils?
    Are you digging up a fossil right now?
    I’m going to ask you if you’ve got any T-Rex teeth?
    Dr Scott Paleontologist, what do you do when you’re not digging up dinosaurs?
    And what is your favourite kind of dinosaur?
    Mine is a parasaurolophus because I can ride on it and it can hoot for me…
    And that’s how a parasaurolophus hoots!
    Have you got any ankylosaurus bones?
    I hope you read my letter when you come back from digging dinosaur bones.
    Have you got a bone head dinosaur called pachycephalus?
    If you have one, does it have a bone head?
    If you’ve got a stygimoloch fossil has it got horns and a bone head?
    And now, that’s the end of the letter.


    Love this kid! What a spirited reading of my song. I’ll forward it to the co-writer, Jim Lang, who will love it too. Cheers!

    Craig Bartlett typed this on Apr 09 12 at 4:01 am

    Craig! We LOVE that you like Zoe’s take on the T-Rex song! :) Thanks so much for taking the time to leave a comment. We just watched a video of you drawing Buddy on YouTube…
    Thanks for Dinosaur Train – Zoe watches one show a day – and it’s always that… We also love the theme tune…

    beth typed this on Apr 09 12 at 12:50 pm

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