Shows with our idols The Breeders and Pavement. Music gets described as "'hula-hoop snot pop"... hmm... ok. Among others, we cover a Jonathan Richmond song - 'Little insect' and a Breeders song - 'if I was a painter'. We sell live tapes. Make groovy
T-shirts, stickers, put up '000s posters - band guff.

Tom joins Ricaine and the lovely and talented Stuart McFarlane comes on board as drummer. Awesome shows and tours but am losing interest... gone sailing.
Band winds up in '95. See 'band/crew'.

My favourite shows were the Forest Festivals, Karnivals, winterstocks and waterstocks. below
Last show of hartz cat vitamins Trifle Tour (30 shows in 30 days). Hurdy Gurdy and Custard on stage - Gold Coast. Our Andrew can't get off the floor... Danny (Custard) is just about to launch himself off the stage and into hospital with 2 broken wrists. Tom drums for Custard for a while. The rest of us had a nice lie down.
'91 first show, 3rd Feb.The Great Britain Hotel. Victoria, Australia. A going away party which was packed... too scary. 4th gig - Perth, W.A. Still Feb 91. 40C+ heat. Yallingup surf and heaps of summery shows.
Marko Heally leaves (sad) and Tom Jackman drums (hooray). Peter Ellis leaves and the legendary Andrew Shakespeare plays guitar.
'93 Recorded Girl Germs CD LP (shock). All done in own studio. Took stupidly too long. Became a 3 piece and changed name to Slurper. Over 100 shows are played each year... Most kinda wild and fun, lotsa cheers.
'92 Record Spud gun EP (polygram). 'Halo' gets splattered all over radio and is on top of local charts. Win 'best campus band' in Vic. A fun & way huge tour with Swordfish and Custard. A month in the van... grrr
May 91 Hurdy Gurdy are off to Tasmania on the first of 9 tours there. We got to NSW, SA and W.A. heaps but got obsessive about Tasmania. I suspect it was to do with the abundance of very cheap op-shops.




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