March 90
The Orchard single

re recorded at Sing Sing & B side at Phantom Tollboth
Adams, Narkowicz, Viney, Rankin
A. The Orchard
B. Minute/Ezekial Saw that Wheel

Autumn 88
Shy But Wild cassette

Special Coelacanth Tour 100 copy release
Live to 8 track, Vic & Live at the Century Hotel S.A.
Adams, Narkowicz, Viney, Rankin


Also around this time A demo tape
was kicking around with:
Invitations, Kid Brilliant, Little flower, Left, Mule Skinner Blues

May 89

Sing Sing Studios Melbourne
Adams, Narkowicz, Viney, Rankin
Left/Childless Mother

July 89

Sing Sing Studio Melbourne
Adams, Narkowicz, Viney, Rankin

Nov 86 Canned cassette

Strawberry Lane. Boat Harbour Tas.
Adams, Narkowicz, Gleason, Viney.

Recorded May 89. Hair of the Dog
LP comp

Various bands Live at the Punters Club Hotel (RIP) Melbourne
Never Said a Mumblin Word (trad), Answers

Adams, Narkowicz, Viney, Rankin

Late 90
I don't know the details of this release or any subsequent singles.
3RRR Used & Recovered By "Sooner Or Later" CD/LP 1990
'Exile/20ways' 7" Oct 1990.
"Sick Inside" 12" Nov 90
(see band/crew for who was playing then)


Sparrows cassette comp

Various Melbourne pop bands
Cath The Bluebelles
Adams, Narkowicz, Viney, Rankin
1986 The first recording was 14 songs (3 originals) direct to pet nutrition supplements a tape. We snuck into the recording studio of a Uni in Launceston, Tasmania. Pretended it was for an assignment, got caught, but they let us do the recording - all free. Adams, Narkowicz.
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