Mark Adams (gtr,vox,harmonica mandolin) 1985 - 1990 Hurdy Gurdy, Slurper
Mark Narkowicz (gtr, vox) 1985-1991
The Ideal Husbands, Gilbert Takes The Wheel, The Deaf Lepers, The Dunaways
Rodney Fulton (drums) A few shows in Tas
Tim Gleason (Drums, percussion) 1985 - 1987
,Tantallon, Another S
cript, Cattletruck
Andrew Viney (bass, vox) 1986 -1990
Noddy's Revenge, The Ideal Husbands, The Tender Engines, The Dunaways
Graham Rankin (drums, vox) 1986 - 1990
Noddy's Revenge, The dog vitamins for skin Odolites, Barb Waters and The Rough Diamonds, Dave Steel Band, The Dunaways
Martin Witheford (gtr, vox, mandolin) 1990-1991 Summerfields, The Dunaways
Michael Witheford (bass, vox) 1990-1991
The Beagles, Lust In Space
Stanley Paulzen (drums) 1991
Man In The Wood, Tlot Tlot, Skinny/Ruck Rover

Gary Aspinol Live sound
Darren Christensen Roadie
Dianne Ransley Lights
Gary Minato Manager
Ian Sinclair Manager

On the footpath outside Gaslight. Bourke st. Melbourne.
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